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  • Yes, providing the construction is robust enough for the intended traffic loadings. Baksteen Clay Pavers laid on edge on a flexible or rigid construction will be more than adequate for use by these types of vehicles. Baksteen Clay Pavers attain the highest category T4 Transverse Strength as required by the current European and British Standard BS EN 1344.

  • When laid on a flexible construction, (sand bed and jointing) the paved area may be used immediately. If Baksteen is laid on a rigid construction, i.e. on a mortar bed with mortar joints, then sufficient curing time (as per mortar instructions) should be allowed before the area is open to use.

  • Sealants or joint stabilisers may be beneficial to facilitate high incidences of jet washing such as ‘car wash down’ areas or steep drives where water scour may remove sand between joints. Sealants and joint stabilisers may also minimise weed growth through the joints.

    One of the main advantages of clay is it does not need to be sealed and its ability to remain colour fast, the natural hues remaining throughout the life of the product, therefore the surface does not need sealing for colour retention purposes.

  • Apart from ensuring sanded joints remain full in the early life of the installation if laid on a flexible construction, or after jet washing, there is minimal maintenance required due to the low water absorbency. Should any stubborn stains appear, for example an oil spillage, simply use an emulsifier then rinse off with clean water. This will disperse the stain without harming the surface.

  • Natural clay is the perfect choice of paving material for colour retention as colour runs throughout the product and does not fade over time. Other man-made products such as concrete pavers have pigment added to them to create the desired colour, which will fade over the years due to surface erosion, choosing clay will ensure that beautiful colour will last its lifetime.

  • Drainage should always be considered when a new driveway is installed, as water must not run off into a highway or public road. There are many drainage solutions available so ensure you discuss this with your installer. If a channel drain is required then consider our Pavetuf Decorative Channel Drain with beautiful grate designs.

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