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Cleaning & Maintenance

Power washers are not recommended as they high power washers can destabilise the jointing and bedding affecting the performance of your area. If you do choose to use a power washer they should be used with the upmost care, holding 30-45cm away from the surface, with a wide fan on a low pressure. Power washers fitted with a rotary patio cleaner are generally appropriate.

Once the area has been cleaned and is completely dry you will need to re-sand the surface, to replace sand lost from the joints during the cleaning process. This is imperative for the longevity of the entire construction, especially if they are on a driveway.

Try and keep the area clear of leaves and debris. Be aware, certain leaves and other plant life can stain any paving type. Some leaves and plant life will leach tannins when they lay on the ground that can discolour paving and standing water. Algae growth is possible on almost any surface, given the right environmental conditions. Pavetuf Green Off Cleaner can be simply sprayed on the surface and left to work. This also works on other hard landscaping areas.

Before using any cleaning products on your Baksteen test a small, discreet area of pavers first to make sure you are happy with the result.

We recommend that you do not clean our pavers for the first three months after installation to allow the joints to settle and consolidate.